The Value Of Electronic Cigarettes

After an enjoyable meal at your favourite restaurant, you have the desire to light up a cigarette to go with your coffee and dessert. However, the restaurant is a non-smoking environment, so puffing on your favourite tobacco is forbidden.

But then you see a fellow diner at a nearby table enjoying puffs from a cigarette! If smoking is forbidden in this establishment, how are they getting away with this act?! Before you call management to your table to protest, consider that perhaps this fellow diner isn’t really smoking.

Many people are looking for durable electronic cigarettes to help switching from the tobacco cigs and probably you are witnessing the enjoyment of an electronic cigarette, a smokeless cigarette that gives a smoker the enjoyment of nicotine without breaking any laws or rules. Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs, are the latest alternative to consume nicotine, that chemical in traditional cigarettes that is addictive.

This battery-powered device provides the oral fixation that smokers desire and fills their lungs with a warm vapour that fills their needs that cigarettes give them. Most electronic cigarettes look very much like the traditional cigarette but have one thing missing: tobacco. You also won’t need to worry about keeping up with a lighter or having matches on hand either.

The Components of Electronic Cigarettes

As we mentioned above, electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices. The have an atomizer which converts the liquid nicotine inside a cartridge into a vapor. The smoker inhales that vapour that is minus any harmful chemicals that traditional cigarettes have. There is no ash, no fire, and best of all for the non-smokers around you, no smoky smell.

Manufacturers claim to this device is that if offers smokers an alternative that is healthier than tobacco cigarettes. Satisfied users of these devices say that the e-cig has cut back their ‘smoker’s cough’ and they can smell and taste foods better they have in years. There are some e-cig users that claim they are sleeping better too.

Where Did They Come From?

It was Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist that invented this device. In 2003, he received a patent and put on the market in China in 2004. Today, you’ll find several companies selling electronic cigarettes and you’ll vape shops on every corner.

Still though, there are concerns about vaping when it comes to addictiveness and safety.  While the vapor doesn’t have nicotine or tobacco, the concern is that there are chemicals in them that can be dangerous. So, while it may be a cleaner way to smoke, there are those that wonder if it truly is a healthier option for smokers.

Are the concerns of hidden risk making this device as or more dangerous than the traditional cigarettes? Or is it a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco? There are valuable merits to both viewpoints and the user, you’ll have to make your own decision. And when it comes to choosing the best electronic cigarette, you’ll have to look at the many different types, try them out if possible, and shop around before you settle on one.


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