Quick Tips For New Vapers

tips for vapers

So, you’ve leapt into the world of vaping. While there isn’t exactly a manual that can show you the ins and outs of owning your own equipment and using it properly, there are some guidelines that can help you save money, save your equipment, and get the most out of your overall vaping experiences in the future. Take a look at some of these things to consider and quick tips:

Care For The Coils

If you are using any sort of vaping equipment that has a refillable tank, there is a coil in that device that you need to always be aware of. It is not difficult to damage a coil and make it unusable. Here are some quick tips to help you maintain it:

l Never fire your vaporizer without liquid. You will damage the coil.

l Ensure that your coil has time to soak in the liquid you have put in the tank, this prolongs its life.

l Dry hit (no firing) a new coil with liquid until you can faintly taste the liquid in your mouth.

Keep Liquid Out of The Stovepipe

First, the stovepipe is the piece that goes from the coil to the mouthpiece. Many devices are set up to have an open pipe when you are filling with liquid. You have to fill around this pipe, and be mindful not to fill beyond the brim. If you get liquid in this stovepipe, you will cause your device to spastically fire, and shoot liquid into your mouth that is trapped in the pipe.

Tank Buster Liquids

There are some e-liquids that are known to cause more damage to your tanks than others. Citrus flavors are among the top culprits, followed closely by artificial cinnamon flavoring. Unless you are willing to purchase new tanks (which isn’t all that difficult to do), these might be best avoided in lieu of thousands of other options out there.


Long drags (longer than 20 seconds) and overly excessive use are known to overheat the battery and entire unit. This can cause damages in a number of ways. Your coil could burn up and need replacement. Your tank could crack under the building heat from the device. Or your batteries could cease to work properly. It is best to stick to taking a puff every minute or two (even all day long), rather than several puffs over the course of a minute.

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