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The Value Of Electronic Cigarettes

After an enjoyable meal at your favourite restaurant, you have the desire to light up a cigarette to go with your coffee and dessert. However, the restaurant is a non-smoking environment, so puffing on your favourite tobacco is forbidden.

But then you see a fellow diner at a nearby table enjoying puffs from a cigarette! If smoking is forbidden in this establishment, how are they getting away with this act?! Before you call management to your table to protest, consider that perhaps this fellow diner isn’t really smoking.

Many people are looking for durable electronic cigarettes to help switching from the tobacco cigs and probably you are witnessing the enjoyment of an electronic cigarette, a smokeless cigarette that gives a smoker the enjoyment of nicotine without breaking any laws or rules. Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs, are the latest alternative to consume nicotine, that chemical in traditional cigarettes that is addictive.

This battery-powered device provides the oral fixation that smokers desire and fills their lungs with a warm vapour that fills their needs that cigarettes give them. Most electronic cigarettes look very much like the traditional cigarette but have one thing missing: tobacco. You also won’t need to worry about keeping up with a lighter or having matches on hand either.

The Components of Electronic Cigarettes

As we mentioned above, electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices. The have an atomizer which converts the liquid nicotine inside a cartridge into a vapor. The smoker inhales that vapour that is minus any harmful chemicals that traditional cigarettes have. There is no ash, no fire, and best of all for the non-smokers around you, no smoky smell.

Manufacturers claim to this device is that if offers smokers an alternative that is healthier than tobacco cigarettes. Satisfied users of these devices say that the e-cig has cut back their ‘smoker’s cough’ and they can smell and taste foods better they have in years. There are some e-cig users that claim they are sleeping better too.

Where Did They Come From?

It was Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist that invented this device. In 2003, he received a patent and put on the market in China in 2004. Today, you’ll find several companies selling electronic cigarettes and you’ll vape shops on every corner.

Still though, there are concerns about vaping when it comes to addictiveness and safety.  While the vapor doesn’t have nicotine or tobacco, the concern is that there are chemicals in them that can be dangerous. So, while it may be a cleaner way to smoke, there are those that wonder if it truly is a healthier option for smokers.

Are the concerns of hidden risk making this device as or more dangerous than the traditional cigarettes? Or is it a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco? There are valuable merits to both viewpoints and the user, you’ll have to make your own decision. And when it comes to choosing the best electronic cigarette, you’ll have to look at the many different types, try them out if possible, and shop around before you settle on one.

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Is Vaping Affecting My Kids?

vaping kidOne of the questions that often worries vapers is whether or not their habit is having an effect on their children. Another question that frequently is asked is – which is besten E-Zigaretten Modelle in Deutschland? While everyone knows that smoking in the home can have a serious impact on kids’ health, the situation regarding vaping is considering more unclear. The good news, however, is that now there is proof that the air quality found in the homes of vapers is no worse than that found in the homes of non-vapers.

What Was The Research Looking For?

Researchers from the San Diego State University carried out the study which looked at three hundred family homes in their local area. In each of those homes there was at least one child aged under 14 and at least one smoking parent. The research involved installing two particle monitors in different locations in every home and then monitoring the results over the course of three months.

The particles which were being measured included all those ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 micrometers, and there are several things that can produce particles within that size range including dust, auto emissions, fungal spores and smoke. Particles of this size can easily be inhaled deeply into the lungs of those living in the home, resulting in cardiovascular and respiratory problems, and this is why second-hand smoke from tobacco impacts on those who live with smokers.

What Was The Result?

In homes where the smokers only lit up their cigarettes indoors, the mean level of the particles measured virtually double that of the homes where the smokers only smoked outdoors. Unsurprisingly, cigarette smoke was the biggest contributor to high levels of particles, however marijuana smoke also had a major effect, rather surprisingly to the scientists involved.

Some other more innocuous substances which also caused increased levels of particles included incense, candles, dust, fireplaces, cooking using oil and spray-on cleaning products. Most interestingly of all, the the 14.1% of houses where e-cigs were being used, the particle level count turned out to be unremarkable, with no obvious differences in particle distribution between those homes that reported using e-cigarettes and those where they were not used at all.

What Does This Mean For Vaping?

Although this study appears to come out in favor of vaping, when taking into account the fact that it does not appear to have any measurable effect on indoor air quality, it is unlikely that this research alone will be enough to convince a wary and paranoid public.

Despite this study adding even more evidence to the case which shows that vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking and should be encouraged rather than condemned, it is highly probably that it will be largely overlooked, certainly at the current time when media opinion against e-cigs appears to be riding so high. Still, for those of us who had niggling concerns about the safety of vaping in the same home as our kids, the SDSU scientists have at least helped to reassure us that we aren’t putting our youngsters in harm’s way.

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Electronic Cigarettes: The Healthier Way To Smoke

If you smoke, then you have heard about the electronic cigarette, aka as the digital cigarette, the e-cig or the smokeless cigarette. While not a brand-new creation now, it is making changes across for smokers across many different areas, especially health-wise and legal-wise. This creation allows smokers to smoke without smoke like the traditional cigarette does.

These electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco. Instead, as the smoker inhales from their electronic cigarette, it activates a censor that releases a liquid vapor that contains nicotine, propylene glycol, and a flavoring/scent. It satisfies the craving for nicotine without providing nicotine. It also doesn’t leave the possibility of cancer causing agents behind that traditional cigarettes do like the many additives, glue, hydrocarbons, and tar.

While the most important feature of e-cigs is how much healthier they compared to the conventional cigarettes, they are totally legal. Because there is no tobacco in electronic cigarettes, they do not fit into the “no smoking” areas of bars, restaurants or any public area. They also do not expose those around you to second hand smoke – another huge health issues of the traditional smokes.

A Rainbow Of Flavors

Electronic cigarettes have a refillable cartridge and you can choose for multiple flavors as well as the nicotine strength. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to cigarette smoking alternative and the nicotine strength comes in light, medium, and strong levels. This is designed to help you wean off traditional cigarettes and quit smoking. The flavors come in regular, menthol, or flavors such as apple, berries, chocolate, mint, and many more.

Better Than Patches

Electronic cigarettes are considered a better alternative to help you quit smoking compared to nicotine patches in the fact that they provide the oral fixation and tactile sensation that smokers crave, but without the nicotine. A drag from an e-cigarette fills the lungs with a warm smoke that

has tobacco flavoring. When the smoker exhales, the smoke billows just like traditional cigarettes. The difference being, the smoke is healthier and isn’t as offensive to those around the smoker, such as in a restaurant.

The current technology of electronic have escalated the set limitations of bans against cigarette smoking, creating a new recognition. For anyone that is interested and intrigued with this healthier option to smoke, or want the freedom to smoke anywhere at any time desired, than the e-cig is for you.

Is There Cause For Concern?

As much as you may hear and read about the good aspects that electronic cigarettes provide, you’ll also find reasons not to trust them in the media. But, you’ll find that negativity on anything really, including other ways to help you quit smoking. Take the popular drug Chantix for example.  There are side-effects that no doubt should raise your awareness before agreeing to the prescription, such as erratic behavior and suicidal thoughts.

The interesting thing about electronic cigarettes is that there is a glut of articles aimed at steering the smoking public from switching to them while at the same time, the numbers of those who are singing praises for them. So, while the media believes they are the know-all to end-all of any matter or subject, when it comes to e-cigs, they don’t appear to be on the same page.

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Quick Tips For New Vapers

tips for vapers

So, you’ve leapt into the world of vaping. While there isn’t exactly a manual that can show you the ins and outs of owning your own equipment and using it properly, there are some guidelines that can help you save money, save your equipment, and get the most out of your overall vaping experiences in the future. Take a look at some of these things to consider and quick tips:

Care For The Coils

If you are using any sort of vaping equipment that has a refillable tank, there is a coil in that device that you need to always be aware of. It is not difficult to damage a coil and make it unusable. Here are some quick tips to help you maintain it:

l Never fire your vaporizer without liquid. You will damage the coil.

l Ensure that your coil has time to soak in the liquid you have put in the tank, this prolongs its life.

l Dry hit (no firing) a new coil with liquid until you can faintly taste the liquid in your mouth.

Keep Liquid Out of The Stovepipe

First, the stovepipe is the piece that goes from the coil to the mouthpiece. Many devices are set up to have an open pipe when you are filling with liquid. You have to fill around this pipe, and be mindful not to fill beyond the brim. If you get liquid in this stovepipe, you will cause your device to spastically fire, and shoot liquid into your mouth that is trapped in the pipe.

Tank Buster Liquids

There are some e-liquids that are known to cause more damage to your tanks than others. Citrus flavors are among the top culprits, followed closely by artificial cinnamon flavoring. Unless you are willing to purchase new tanks (which isn’t all that difficult to do), these might be best avoided in lieu of thousands of other options out there.


Long drags (longer than 20 seconds) and overly excessive use are known to overheat the battery and entire unit. This can cause damages in a number of ways. Your coil could burn up and need replacement. Your tank could crack under the building heat from the device. Or your batteries could cease to work properly. It is best to stick to taking a puff every minute or two (even all day long), rather than several puffs over the course of a minute.

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You Can Stop Smoking With These 9 Steps

stop smokingSmoking is a habit that can hard to stop, ask anyone that has quit. Your body will crave the nicotine and that will give you withdrawal symptoms, not as bad, but just like somebody that is trying to quit heroine. But once you get over that hump, there are so many things that you’ll benefit from and not just your health.

You’ll have more money because you won’t be feeding that habit and the rates will go down on your auto insurance, health insurance and home insurance. Your car, your clothes, your home, and you will all smell better. that you feel when your body begins to crave nicotine. There is so much to be gained by not smoking, but it takes a positive attitude and a strong will.

Here we have 9 steps that can help you through this time, regardless how long or how much you smoked:

1. Create A List

On this list, write down the reasons you want to stop smoking then use this list as a reminder when you have that desire to smoke. Your list may include things like your health, the odor, the money spent, or maybe it’s your kids or grandkids. Whatever is your motivation, write it down on your list and put it somewhere prominent and easily seen by you.

2. Plan Your Plan

Mark the date on a calendar when you plan to stop smoking. Before that date arrives, determine what methods you’ll use to help you through this.  Stock up on the fresh fruits and vegetables that will help you get past that hunger for nicotine. Crunchy foods will substitute that need to smoke. You could use food, but be careful and choose foods that aren’t going to substitute the nicotine with calories, cholesterol, and fat.

3. Let It Be Known

Let your family and friends know that you’re trying to stop smoking. Don’t hide it! And if one of them smokes, maybe you can buddy up and stop together.

4. Create a 5-minute plan

Usually, nicotine cravings last approximately 5 minutes for most people. Have a 5-minute strategy to help distract you and keep you from reaching for that cigarette. Take a walk around the block, suck on some mints or chew gum, maybe make a phone call to a family member or friend that knows you’re trying to stop smoking. Anything that will keep your mind occupied.

5. Throw Away The Temptation

The day before you have designated the day to stop smoking, throw out any and cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays or any reminders. These are nothing more than a crutch and a temptation. If these things aren’t handy, it won’t be easy to light a cigarette but it will be easy to resist that urge.

6. Your Beverage Choices

For most smokers, they enjoy their cigarette with a beverage. It may be their morning cup of java, their lunch time tea, or their after-dinner beer. Make changes in your routine and you’ll find that this nasty habit will be easier to break too.

7. No Sneaking A Smoke

Don’t try to sneak in “just one puff” if you really want to stop smoking. Smoking is like any addiction and you must give it your all if you’re going to stop. The occasional cigarette will only keep the nasty habit alive.

8. Choose Fresh Foodsfresh food

Once you have stopped smoking, you’ll notice that foods taste better. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet will make the temptation of smoking weaker. And if you try to sneak a cigarette in, the taste will be completely different after eating fresh foods.

9. Start Exercising

It is scientific proof that exercising will reduce your cravings for cigarettes and give you more energy. Start slow with the exercise routine and you’ll find that soon you are walking instead taking the bus or driving, you’re taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.

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